Yellen Got The Money Twerking

While the drama between Rob K and Blac Chyna flooded my time line all day, Yellen had the stock market jumping like a nightclub on a Saturday night. As my daughter would say, “It was LIT”!

I ran off with my profits before Yellen’s 11am testimony. I didn’t want to feel any possible pain resulting from her speech. Like a smart investor, I packed up and closed shop so that I can live to fight another day.  To my surprise that sell-off never happened and the markets pushed even higher. In fact, the Dow Jones broke another record high.

Yellen got the money twerking! AYE!

I hope you were not focused on the Kardashians while Yellen’s testimony literally had the market making it rain. You could easily say this is the most powerful woman in the world. When she speaks you should stop and listen.

Blac Chyna was trending all over social media tho… but guess who wasn’t, Yellen!

Entertainment has a sneaky way of keeping the masses so distracted that you miss the future being shaped right before your eyes by powers that be.

In case you didn’t know, let me drop you a jewel real quick…

Dr. Janet Yellen, The Federal Reserve Chair, is the most powerful person in the global economy. She is the first woman to hold the title of Federal Reserve Chair. Yellen speeches can drop the markets like a bad habit.

If she coughs in the wrong direction, trillions of dollars can be lost or gained based on how investors interpret the direction she coughed.  All joking aside, the words she speaks, their influence and how they are interpreted are just that important.

Why is she such a force? Here’s why…

Yellen is the spokesperson for the Fed and FOMC committee which creates and executes monetary policy. Money is power and those that write the rules for how the money is to be made are even more powerful. Yellen is the ultimate money regulator. It’s her job to make sure that the US & Global economy does not fail. She oversees the global financial markets, job markets, inflation, the dollar, and pretty much all economic sensitive data.  Dr. Yellen has written on a wide range of macroeconomic issues, while specializing in the causes, mechanisms, and implications of unemployment.

Now her speeches and testimonies may not be as exciting as Rob K and Blac Chyna’s train wreck, but watching the stock market while Yellen speaks is like watching the upcoming pay-per-view match between Mayweather and McGregor.

As a trader, make it your duty to be aware of Yellen’s speeches because they will impact your positions significantly …. For better or worse!

Make sure that you don’t ignore another Yellen speech in your life. I hope this information will prepare you for the next time Yellen has a speech and how to guard your positions from a catastrophe.

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