Who Runs The World… Girls?

Listen…I wont begin to get into that debate. But this came to me as my wife was cleaning the house while jamming to Beyoncé’s hit “Run the world”

So this one goes out to the ladies…

Now fellas don’t check out because you may find you can learn a thing or two from our Wallstreet Jackgirlz…

So pay attention…

We can all agree that once upon a time trading was a male-dominated game. Women were often over looked or found their voices drowned out in the aggressive waters of the financial marketplace. The notion that trading is a man’s game is a thing of the past.

It turns out that the ladies often outpace the fellas by a long shot!

In fact, there is data that shows that women make out to be better traders then men according to economists Terrence Odean and Brad Barber.

In their study women were found to be more profitable traders in comparison to their male counterparts.  It appears that counterproductive trading and overconfidence would be the driving factor of why men lose more money than women.

Additionally, The Economists published a study that showed hedge funds ran by women outperformed those ran by men.

So, is this just some unusual anomaly? I think not!

I’d always had a little suspicion that women were better decision makers than men. I didn’t think it was sexist but it struck me to be odd for companies to favor one gender over another at times. I discovered the supporting evidence as an agent in the insurance industry.

Have you ever wondered why single women pay less than single men when it comes to insurance? Or why a woman is considered an adult at the age of eighteen while the man has to wait until he is twenty-one to carry that title?

Case and point. Remember when you were entertaining the thought of buying that Kawasaki Ninja and your wife told you “NO”. That was man’s high risk thinking and woman’s risk mitigating thinking live on display. Fellas when you are finished be sure to kiss your wife and thank her for not allowing you to kill yourself on that thing!

For men, our risk profile drastically reduces when we combine with women in marriage. I know my players don’t want to hear that but I did not make this up. If you don’t believe me then call up your agent and tell them the good news when you drop your player card. I promise your wallet will thank me later.

It all comes down to risk management. In both the insurance and the trading world women tend to manage risk better than men which can give them the edge.

In my coaching experience, I’ve also noticed that my women students are highly driven to succeed. They ask more questions, engage often, stick to the g-code(guidelines), and invest in valuable supplemental education and tools more often than men.

Quite simply there is no ego involved they just want to win! Let’s be honest fellas sometimes we want to figure things out on our own and that causes us to take unnecessary risks often.

Our ladies offer a balanced perspective viewing the scope of the market through different lenses.  So men next time you are looking at some plays be sure to hone in on all points of views. You may find the more tempered approach to be the more profitable. This is not to say our ladies are not aggressive and decisive, their brains are just wired in a different way.

It is to our benefit to listen when they speak!

I encourage any ladies that may be on the fence about joining the crew to make the leap. It turns out you have the upper hand, so you can only get better from here! And fellas I encourage you to get your girlfriends or wives involved. It can only make you a better trader at the end of the day.

Funny how our ladies do that for us …teamwork makes the dream work!

Remember to check us out on wallstreetjackboyz.com for the fastest route to your trading success. As always happy trading wallstreet jackboyz and girlz!

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