The Best Damn Way to Find Trades

After learning the basics of stock options, you will literally rack your brain trying to find trades!  You will quickly learn stock options basics is just the first step to becoming a great trader. Your ability to find the trades is just as important as your knowledge of options.

Now, you will have two choices; you can copy someone else’s trades or you can find your own.

Option A is the easy route. You pay a subscription to copy someone else’s trades but you will be at their mercy, make them richer, and be left confused. I say HELL NO!

I don’t know about you but dependency is one of the few things that I hate and so should you!

Option B is to find your own trades. It’s a little more work but you’ll be able to save hundreds of hours each week, keep your money to fund your own account, and trade like a boss. I say HELL YEAH!

Independence is everything!

I recommend that you learn how to hunt for your own trades.  So… what is the best damn way to find trades?  The Watchlist! 

Brokerage platforms like Think or Swim have a built-in scanner that will help you create your watchlist. All you have to do is simply input the stock symbol or put the settings in your scanner and it will create the watchlist for you. Easy peasy!

Once you are more versed in my technical style then you can set the scanner to meet advanced criteria, but we’re not there yet.

You’ll find all those juicy details in your Walkstreet Jackboyz subscription, but for now here is a preview.

Liquidity is the ability to enter and exit trades easily! Liquidity is king to options trading! Fortunately for you, I have created a high liquid watchlist that you can copy yourself.

Remember you are not copying my trades…which we learned is “NO BUENO”. You are copying my list which will fast track your ability to find your own trades.

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