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Hi guys my name is Christopher White A.K.A THATMUG. A little bit about myself, I was born in Naples Italy and raised In Anchorage, AK. Mostly I’ve spent all my time living in Alaska, however, I am a military brat so my life kind of resembles Kobe Bryant as I have lived and traveled outside of the united states and between them as well. I am 42 years old and the youngest son out of my family of one brother and one sister both older than me, I know I’m the baby you gotta love me.


  • Educational Background

Graduated from East Anchorage HS in 1996 year of our Lord, and went to Liberty University Online and obtained my AA in Religion in 2017. Continued there and attained my BS in Religion in 2020. Currently, I’ve transferred to Grand Canyon University where I’m hoping to attain my MS in Business Analytics lopes up. What I enjoyed most during this time was the people I met along the way as well as challenging myself and keeping my brain active. On the flip side of that which came as a challenge for me was the amount of time needed to keep up in each of the classes and balancing my career, family, and hobbies. I am a lifetime learner who wants to continue to grow my knowledge base.


  •  Professional Background

I have been serving our great nation in the United States Army since 2002. In this compacity, I have held multiple hats but currently, I am a recruiter stationed in Los Angles CA. However, my normal Army position is as a senior budget Analyst/ Comptroller. We do everything from fiscal planning, budgeting, project management, banking, customer service internal control auditing, to payroll. previously to the Army living in Alaska I’ve had multiple blue-collar jobs in Warehousing, Welding, Construction, Fishing, Landscaping, Airlines, and good old food service to name a few.


  •  Personal Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, either on my Xbox one Madden or gaming PC SWTOR, I also like watching movies mostly SY-FI and playing with my kids and chilling with my Wifie while at home. When going out I like to maybe go see a movie or watch an NFL game AZ Cards rise up Red Sea!!  When making plans I’ll go to different theme parks Disneyland, Knox Berry Farm.  I like to read books on philosophy religion and money management and investing also a huge comic geek.


  •  Finding my Purpose

I’m pursuing my MS in Business Analytics because honestly, they say having a master’s degree adds to your earnings. Also, I thought the girl on sports center who does the Analytics sounded sexy so I was like yup I’m gonna get that too. Other than that I joined Wallstreetjackboyz because I need to surround myself with like-minded people who want to grow their knowledge and increase their earnings. I want to leave a legacy within my family where we do not have to be job dependent. that we can become financially independent through applied knowledge in growing our wealth. To this end, I need a mentor and someone who can teach me so I saw Pierre and was like yo I like what you are saying and why not check him out.