Lottery vs Stock Options

Day by day you see that jackpot getting larger and larger. You start imagining what you can do with all that money.The dreams of winning wake you up in cold sweats. If you could just get your hands on that money, then you will never have to “fill in the blank” ever again! Not to mention the daily question of if you’re going to buy a ticket for your chance to win. Once that pot hits certain sizes even the non-gamblers consider throwing their hats in the ring. I mean why not right? It’s just a few dollars.

Now I know many of you reading this may come for my head for what I’m about to say. I know.. I know… somebody’s gotta win ..right? For all my lotto loyalist hang tight. I asked that you stay with me. Before you hang me out to dry. Read on…I’m confident you will learn something useful.

The odds of winning the Powerball is around one in 290 million and it is one in 258 million for Mega Millions. The $2 entry price isn’t bad but the mathematical odds of winning are damn near impossible. To increase your chances of winning you will need to purchase more tickets to give yourself an even greater edge. Your chances of winning or in other words your odds are called Probability.

The odds of being struck by lightning is 1 in 700,000. How many people do you know that has been struck by lightning in your lifetime? Well, being struck by lightning twice in your lifetime is more likely to happen than for you to win the lottery. I’m sure this sounds like I am hating on the lottery players out there. But all emotion aside, we are simply exposing the mathematical evidence for an outcome.

Defying the odds would be luck. Sure, lucky people hit the lottery all the time. I even know a few personally. But luck is too much of a gamble for investors to get involved. Plus you can’t make a living off of luck. You need a sure bet. If you want to gamble then you should go to Vegas. At least you get the overall experience with that ticket. Don’t hold your breath hoping to hit the jackpot, how about betting on some real winners and learn how to make your money work for you in stock options.

The stock market is full of wealthy individuals with some form of investment portfolio. That’s because it works. If playing the lotto was the key to building wealth then trust me, you will see lines of millionaires bursting out of your local convenient stores buying up all the tickets. Instead, they are all in the stock market.

The truth is, the lottery is a tax on the poor and only benefits convenient stores, gas stations, and the government. Consequently, the demographic make-up of lottery participants consist of mostly low-income individuals. Only 63% of the money collected is paid out in prizes and the rest basically goes to the government. This is one of the only taxes out there that people cheerfully voluntarily pay. I get it, it’s fun and doesn’t require any skill however it’s a complete waste of money.

Stock Options grant investors statistical instruments to give you a mathematical edge with projecting the outcome of stock price movement. The future price movement of Stock Options is already built into the Options Chain. You don’t even have to whip out a calculator. All you have to do is to locate what is called the standard deviation and this will narrow your focus on your likely winners.

Let me be clear here, no one can predict the stock market. However, we have statistical evidence that guide our projection on a stock and this is one of the many reasons that Stock Option traders have the edge over lottery gamblers. The 1 st Standard Deviation tells investors that a stock will move within a defined range 70% of the time. These are much better odds than a one and 290 million gamble. This 70% range is what we call high probability zone.

Projecting the outcome within a narrow range increases the odds of winning over projecting a wider range. It’s like me telling you that you can win the Powerball if you can guess the winning number from within the range of one to ten. That would be too easy right? Well that’s another reason you should be trading stock options. If there is a 70% chance that the winning number would be in between the numbers three to seven then you will more than likely choose the number four or five. You wouldn’t choose nine or ten because those numbers would be outside of the high probability of success zone. Wouldn’t you want to be on the right side of math atleast 70% of the time? I know I would.

Americans throw away an average of $325 a year on lottery tickets. I would encourage you to make that $325 work for you in the stock market game. You might not strike it rich overnight but you can generate consistent income with the proper training. Instead of throwing away your money and paying yet another tax, invest it in yourself with higher odds of winning on your side. You will be glad that you did! With that I will say Happy Trading Wallstreet Jackboyz and girlz!

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