Immune to Racism

In the last two weeks our headlines and timelines have been filled with political unrest. The tensions between North Korea and the US reached all new heights as the leaders spewed threats across the air ways. The White Nationalist rally in Charlottesville,VA turned deadly causing further division among the people. Both events were terrible to say the least however only one of those events had a negative impact on the stock market.

The North Korea conflict dropped the markets as fear over the possibility of war set in with investors. Meanwhile, the Charlottesville attack received an astronomical amount of news and social media coverage, yet the stock market seemed unscathed. You may be wondering why the stock market dropped over the North Korea situation but not the domestic situation that happened in VA.

The stock market is amoral and doesn’t care about racism. In fact, the market started climbing during all the commotion surrounding the racial tensions. It quickly rebounded from out of the slums that the threat of war dropped it. The move was so strong that even I cashed in on some quick winners. Yes.. while people were fighting we were making money.

If you were expecting the markets to drop due to this bad news as it did with the North Korea threat then you were probably in for a rude awakening. The bullish snap back in the market was so strong it was like it never fell off. This may have left you puzzled.

The truth is, Corporations tend to shy away from race relations as they are as messy as religion and politics. These corporations are the same companies that we invest and trade daily on Wall St. CEO’s must do what’s in the best interest of their business at all-times. Even if it means jumping on or off a bandwagon.

Typically, racism is a personal position and has no power over the flow of monies.

War on the other hand, can have a negative or positive impact on entire industries and can most certainly stop the flow of business. For example, import and export could potentially come to a grinding halt resulting in global repercussions.

Here are a few other examples of things that can make the markets swing:

  • Government fiscal and monetary policies
  • Inflation and deflation
  • Tax policies
  • International affairs and unrest
  • Business earnings reports
  • Supply and Demand

One of the things that attracted me to the stock market is the fact that every trader is immune to discrimination of every kind. The stock market doesn’t care about you being rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, straight, LGBT, black, yellow, or white. The only race that Wall St would care about is the green race. And since green is not a race I guess we can conclude that Wall St. is immune to racism.

Those that have followed me for some time know that my purpose is to provide stock options education to unconventional communities. I am proud to have a diverse community of traders from every background you can think of. All are welcome to join us on our journey to building wealth; that goes for the uneducated, underserved, left behinds, and castaways. We are here to help you get some skin in the game too.

I recognize that racism is real and may have impacted even you at some point of time in your life. Sadly we can’t change other people’s personal prejudice by force and the government can’t either.

Here is the good news for all of us; your zip code, criminal record, credit score, education, religion, gender, or skin color does not matter when you enter the realm of traders. All you need is some capital and the will to learn. So despite all of the negativity lets keep trading and winning together! #SQUAD

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