Hard Head Makes a Soft ….

Hard Head Makes A Soft ….

I cursed under my breath when I looked at the clock and realized that it was 3am. I had been going on like this for days and it seemed like it was only getting worse. My wife told me to hire a contractor to put down the hardwood floors in the office. But no…. I had something to prove. A four-hour job turned into a week of work with flaws that cost me more money, energy and time that I could never get back! Suddenly the sound of my mother’s voice rung in my ears “A hard head makes a soft a—” …SMDH!

Fellas… why are we so hard headed? I figure it has something to do with our tribal nature. Most of us men want to be leaders and we have this need to find our own path. I will admit that creating your own path can be pretty satisfying and could payoff if there is a reward at the end of it. I think we can all agree, however, that it is a much better decision to follow a path that is already created that you know for a fact ends with desired results. Am I right or Am I right? ( All my sisters reading say Amen..lol)

When it comes to trading, I’ve noticed that my fellas always got something to prove. We want to dodge the costs of investing into our mentors and coaches, so we go to sources like Investopedia or YouTube and try to patch together our own education of the stock market.

These places can be good reference points but it’s entirely too much information without a direct path to success. Unfortunately, most that pursue this route blow up their accounts, turn pessimistic, and curse the markets on social media to discourage everyone else from entering the game when in reality it was self-inflicted pain. Remember me and the hardwood floors…Yep exactly.

To those hard heads I say…Welp!… you should have invested in your education.

Blowing an account is the worst thing that can happen to a trader. Fortunately for me I haven’t blown any accounts, but my mentors have. They have over 20 years of wisdom that I paid for to save me from things that would’ve buried me as a new trader. I am super grateful that I even had the opportunity to purchase such wisdom. And as a result they have helped me to avoid years of mistakes and fast tracked my own success!

In general the blueprints to success exist already! There is little need to create anything from scratch in this current day. You will find that the most successful ideas, products and companies are just enhancements of something that already exist.

Look at Apple computers for example. Steve Jobs did a phenomenal job making the world fall in love with all things Apple. But what most people don’t know is that Xerox created the basic blueprint of computers as we know it and introduced it to Steve Jobs & Bill Gates years before anyone knew. Gates & Jobs spent their time on trying to recreate the Xerox blueprint. Not only did they recreated it but they improved on the original and look at how that paid off!

Wallstreet Jackboyz was created so that I can past down my blueprint to you and give you a direct path forward to generating consistent income while preventing you from blowing up your account.

There is a cost to being cheap and the market will give you a proverbial A** whooping if you are not careful. Sometimes that long term cost outweighs the upfront monetary savings. But I can honestly say from experience the gains of a great quality education is……. Priceless!

So If you are out there driving without a map my ask is simple. Don’t let your hard head leave you in a bind. Save yourself the heart ache and get educated. I would be honored if you choose me but regardless choose someone to be your mentor. If you are ready to take the next step join me inside the course. I look forward to hearing your success stories!

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  1. This is great Pierre, and very true. I won’t be burning my account but burning up the course work to gain a greater understanding and wisdom. Keep the blogs coming sir!

    ~Terence Clayton


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