Bird’s Eye View

Happy New Years Wallstreet Jackboyz and girls!

2017 marked a new era with a new President, Congress, FED chairman, Tax Plan and Cryptocurrency craze. It was a very action-packed year for Wall St and we capitalized on every part of the action, good and bad.

Going into 2018 we began the year in the green with some quick easy wins as the bull market rally continues to break new highs. S/o to the O.G.’s in the WSJB group for sharing your winning trade ideas.

As we witnessed last year, there is going to be a lot of noise in the market this year and we want to avoid the noise and stick to the G-code (trading plan).

From the eagle’s nest with bird eye view over the markets we will be able to isolate the noise by having a laser focus on these keys factors:

  • Inflation growth
  • Interest rates increase
  • US dollar weakness
  • Sector rotations
  • Earnings
  • Jobs growth, wage stagnation, and unemployment data
  • Gas price increase from oil production cuts
  • Consumer spending
  • FED speeches
  • Geopolitical news

These indicators will create opportunities that we can leverage for plays up, down, or sideways. Remember, our edge as stock options traders is that we can win in every direction with little capital at risk to produce big gains. The caveat is that these critical points can help or hurt the projection of your trades so keep your eyes peeled. Because we are active traders we will be able to mitigate losses quickly and take profits often.

Wallstreet Jackboyz will mark its first anniversary coming up in March 2018. Our company’s goal is to provide stock options education to those of unconventional communities and beyond. Continuing our mission to train as many people as possible we will need your help to spread the good news to your friends and family. We live by the motto “each one teach one”.

Thank you all for helping me take this crazy idea “Wallstreet Jackboyz” and making it a dream come-true! I am super proud of the exponential growth shown in the traders that we’ve trained, and I look forward to your continued success.

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