Wallstreet Jackboyz

Pierre Lawson | Trader & Coach

We specialize in online stocks & options trading courses for beginners. You will go from complete novice to confident trader in 7 simple steps.

The Blueprint to becoming an Options Boss

Step-by-Step Framework

Our training will give you a practical 7 step framework for learning to make money in the stock market without investing years of time and thousands of dollars.


Portable self-paced courses that you can take with you on the go. Mobile and computer friendly.

Active Community

No need to go at it alone. Our active community of traders are supportive and right there with you in the trading trenches.

Hardwork & Play

Trading is no easy task. We know how to have fun, make money & learn the Wallstreet Jackboy way.

What You Gain

In this course, you will go from feeling lost, incompetent, and overwhelmed by the stock market to performing chart analysis like the pros, finding high probability trades independently, and confident in your ability to make money in the stock market with options. The classes are delivered in a down-to-earth style so that you can wrap your head around options trading.

What our members have to say

Pierre is a true mentor and a professional options trader. I am truly blessed to have found him and would be completely lost without his mentorship.
Mark Paul Davis
IT Professional
I just looked at my Wallstreet Jackboyz Trading Journal - for the month of April I made $1500. My goal was $800. And the Nvidia trade don't count. That was money made back.
Miea Calloway
IT Professional
I'm a newbie to trading, this by FAR is THE BEST INVESTMENT and coaching! Pierre, man you have an EXTRAORDINARY ability to impart knowledge & understanding in a very practical way on every video.
Terrence Clayton
Music Professor
I liked how thorough and basic it was. You made sure everyone understood before proceeding. You had great interaction with everyone's comments. What would I like to see in the future? More classes more often!
Linda Rosenberg
Video Specialist

Nobody is going to treat your money like you will.